Wedding Venue's FAQ

The Historic Deglman Farm | Minneapolis, MN

Who Do I Talk To About Concerns Regarding The Farm?

Farmer Dave will be your wedding coordinator for all things concerning the farm. I know he just looks like a old farmer (well, he is) but he is also a very good wedding planner. With the experience of hundreds of weddings at the farm he knows what works and what doesn't. He knows how guests move around the property and barn loft. So feel free to use that experience at no extra charge.

Where Does The Ceremony Take Place?

We highly recommend the wedding ceremony and dinner be done outdoors or under a tent leaving the barn loft for socializing and dancing. The transition of the evening's activities is much smoother. Your catering staff can clean up the mess from dinner while you and your guests can move on to the clean barn loft without being in each other's way. You don't have to kick grandma out of her table to make room for a dance floor either.

How Many Guest Can I Have?

The loft area of the barn comfortably accommodates 250 guests. There are plenty of tables, chairs in the barn loft and still have room for dancing.

Outdoor tables and chairs for up to 220 guests are provided. Restrooms and dressing rooms are provided. Tents are not provided. You are responsible for the renting, setup and take down of tents.

What's The Temperature Like?

There is no heat or air conditioning in the barn loft. We open the large hay mow door during summer events to provide good cross ventilation as well as fans provided.

Where Do We Park?

There is plenty of on-site parking in the old cow pasture. Please, no parking on the road. Do not drive on the grass when loading or unloading except in the pasture parking area. Wagons and dollys are provided to move items around the property.

How Many Bars Locations Are On The Property?

There are 2 bars provided. The Hayloft Bar upstairs in the barn and the Cowyard bar outside near the dining area.

Catering Options?

While The Deglman Farm does not cater, we do provide a list of professional vendors that you can choose from. Feel free to pick from our list or outsource your own catering!

Set Up & Clean Up?

Deglman Farm provides trash cans, liners and a dumpster. You will need to cleanup behind your event.

You are responsible for set-up before and clean up after your event. Clean up must be completed by 1:00 PM the day following your event.

You may begin decorating, setting up of tables and chairs at 2:00 PM the day before your event.

Is Smoking Allowed

Inside - No. smoking inside the barn loft or on the attached deck.

Outside - Yes. Smoking is permitted downstairs only. There are cigarette butt pails provided. Please remind your guests not to throw cigarettes on the ground so the chickens don't get a hold of them and start smoking.

When Do We Need To Be Out By?

Music must be over by 12 midnight. Lights out and everyone off the farm by 1 AM

Alcohol and Liability

  • You may purchase your own alcohol. You cannot sell alcohol unless you hire a bar service with a off site liquor license. . All Minnesota state laws governing the serving of alcohol must be followed. Alcohol must be under the control of someone 21 years of age or older. ​Absolutely no underage drinking!
  • There are several tanks in the barn loft for beverages as well as several wooden coolers outside for under the tent. You are responsible for purchase and handling of ice. Deglman Farm provides a freezer downstairs for storage of ice.
  • You need to provide safe transportation for your guests such as sober cabs or shuttles. There is a list of such service providers on our vendor page on our website.
  • You MUST purchase a liability policy in the amount of at least $1,000,000 for the day of your event in the name of whoever actually purchases the alcohol. ​You can purchase this insurance through your homeowners or renters insurance as well as online insurers that provide wedding and event insurance. The Historic Deglman Farm 12725 50th Street Princeton, Minnesota 55371 must be listed as where your event is taking place. Certificate of insurance must be provided to the Deglman Farm pr​ior to ​your event.